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Maternity Leave

Ayla is on maternity leave 
May 2021 
Jan 2022

Hello everyone!

As most of you know by now, I will soon be going on maternity leave. Having talked with my midwife and watching the current rise in covid cases, I have made the decision to start just a couple of days sooner than expected. My new last day of work will be MAY 14.

I do still have some appointments available between then and now for my current patients. So please double check the schedule and message/book online to make sure you can get a spot before I am away for a few months.

Most of you will have also received an email with a list of local RMT's and clinics that have some room to take you on as a patient while I am away. I will add that list here just in case.

In the list, I have starred the ones that have craniosacral as part of their treatment skills for those of you who are interested in it. Most of them also do online booking, you will just have to search their clinic names to find access to their booking systems. I do not know who does direct billing, so please make sure you reach out to them if that is something you need.

These are just suggestions, and I still strongly urge you to find a good fit for your body and needs. Many of these clinics have multiple therapists, so feel free to read their biographies and see who would be the best fit for you.

Once I know more about my new schedule for January 2022, I will be emailing/texting/calling you to inform you of my online booking opening up. This will probably not be till November/December of 2021.

Thank you all for your kind words and flexibility with all these big changes happening. I can't wait to work with you again!

~ Ayla Dinney ~


RMT Referral List

Thetis Massage Therapy 250-590-3682

Valerie Keys

Royal Bay Massage 250-474-2433

Marlise Hebert

Westshore Massage Therapy 250-478-1120

Shena Craig or Allison Ward *craniosacral option

Ashi Integrative Health 250-216-6155

Maegan Chase **Only does Craniosacral / Visceral / Myofascial work

Westshore Wellness 250-478-4734

Joann Hill

Aurora Health and Wellness 250-391-0056

Kaj DiSomma *craniosacral option

Equilibrium (Eagle Creek Location) 778-405-7888

Michael Lount *craniosacral option

Elite Health

Reann Callow

Please remember, these are just a few of the RMT’s available at most of these clinics. Reach out and see if there are others who style might be better for your needs.