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Maegan Chase,

My name is Maegan Chase and I have been a RMT since graduating from The West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver in 2005.


Throughout my life, I have been curious about how the systems of the body work and are interconnected. This fascination led me to Massage Therapy and has kept my passion to learn and grow as a therapist alive.


I work with the body to help its innate ability to find balance. I do this through an interview and assessment as well as the hands-on modalities.


My assessments involve being curious and attentive to how the body is moving, holding, and straining; if it is compensating for any past or present injuries. The treatments I offer incorporate areas of pain or dysfunction and addresses what is present in the assessment. I primarily work with the fascial, nervous and organ systems of the body.


The techniques I use are generally light in touch in the beginning and do not require the use of oil.  I can work superficially, or deep into the body. Although the pressure may be light, it is common to feel sore following treatment.


One of my areas of focus is the treatment of scar tissue.  I have many years of experience and training in the treatment of breast and top surgeries, cancer surgeries, abdominal surgeries, and joint replacements. I also treat internal scar tissue from head injuries, pregnancy and delivery, sports injuries, and car accidents. As well as, scar tissue that develops from organ dysfunction such as digestive disorders, organ replacements, surgeries at birth, endometriosis, etc.


In my spare time, I am busy keeping up with my two children, digging around in the garden, hiking or playing at the beach and doing yoga.


For more information on me, the modalities I use or companies I direct bill, please visit my website at

To contact Maegan directly :


Call/text 778-834-1470

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