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What We Offer

Hand Massage
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Ayla Dinney,


Registered Massage Therapy 

This includes pre-treatment assessment and is suitable for everyone, including prenatal clients. Some techniques used are myofascial work, deep tissue, general swedish massage, and others. 
Treatment times available are:

45 minute  -  $95
*subsequent treatments only
60 minute  -  $120
75 minute  -  $150
90 minute  -  $180

Please note 

GST is included in all prices

Pediatrics Registered Massage Therapy

This is for infants and children. Aged from 0-18 years. I always suggest starting with a 30 minute treatment to start, so we can gage how the child responds to massage therapy. Older youth may book a regular RMT appointment if we deem it acceptable and necessary.
Please contact to book. 

30 minute  -  $80
45 minute  -  $95

Craniosacral Treatment

Also known as gentle touch therapy, Craniosacral is a very gentle modality that works with creating harmony within the craniosacral system. This treatment modality does not use oil or lotion, and patients can stay clothed in non-restrictive attire.

60 minute  -  $120

90 minute  -  $180

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