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Tracey Roarty
Reiki Provider


Hello. My name is Tracey Roarty, and I am a Reiki Practitioner.

My pronouns are she/her.

Originally from the UK, Tracey moved over to Vancouver Island in 2010 with her husband.  Working as a full-time Registered Nurse for many years, in 2023 Tracey took a step back to work part-time.  She started her venture with self-healing modalities during COVID-19, when her own health took a turn, and felt that she needed more than just conventional medicine to reset and renew her body and mind, becoming more connected with her inner-self.  During this time, Tracey had many holistic treatments with Reiki being the most profound.  Reiki became a constant in Tracey’s own self-healing practice, as she took courses to initially carry out self-reiki, and then continued forward to do Level I, Level II, and now Level III, along with other courses for Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy and Colour Therapy.   


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique whereby the therapist channels energy to the client in a gentle, non-invasive manner, by placing their hands on or near the body treating each of the seven chakras within the body to unblock and balance, allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body.  Reiki is known to reduces stress, pain, depression and anxiety. 

During Tracey’s reiki treatment practice, each treatment is individualized to the client’s needs. Confidentiality is always respected.  Treatment is carried out in a spa-like room, the client is fully clothed, only shoes/external coat are removed, with the client laid on a massage table, the client is covered by a warming blanket, an optional eye-covering, in a dimmed light to sooth all senses.  Meditative music is played in the background and optional aromatherapy with finger massage using a copper ring is used to help relax and distress the client prior to the start of the Reiki treatment.  During Reiki, Tracey uses hand placement either on, around, or above the body, and uses warmed basalt volcanic rock stones, and Chakra crystals to deepen the connection with the client’s Chakras to add an extra element of healing.  At the end of treatment, slow awakening of the client is achieved with an offering of traditional Japanese tea to energize the client ready for their day ahead, and to allow the client to discuss their treatment and what may be expected post-treatment; Reiki triggers the body’s natural healing process, and detoxification, it is important for the recipient of Reiki to drink plenty of water to flush away such toxins and boost their energy levels.


When Tracey is not working, she likes to do yoga and Tai Chi, and spends her free time with her family and friends, taking in the beautiful Westcoast nature at the beach or in forest trails (whilst helping her daughter chase Pokémon!), being surrounded by animals, taking her daughter horse riding, or simply being at home creating art, listening to music, reading a book, and having relaxing snuggles on the sofa together binging Netflix.  Tracey’s favorite crystal is the Amethyst, a stone associated with the third-eye and crown chakras; improves physical health, intuition, calmness, and reduces anxiety, stress, and negativity. 

For more detailed information on Reiki, visit Tracey’s homepage

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